finding the best solution moving forward.

Collaborative family law is centered around you and your unique situation. It allows you to determine how your family’s future will look rather than having a judge impose it upon you. As an experienced divorce and family lawyer, I have seen the negative effects of court litigation. We try to avoid court whenever possible although court is necessary in some situations.

In the collaborative family law process, the family lawyers act as a part of a team working together with you and your spouse to find the best solution for you and your family. The common objective of everyone involved is to work together to determine a resolution that meets both spouses’ goals while still protecting your rights and obligations that the law requires. The parties are able to negotiate in a safe and secure environment knowing that neither lawyer can take this matter to court.

I have practiced divorce and family law since 1993 and it is exciting to be able to offer my clients this innovative approach to resolving their issues. I have received special training to practice as a collaborative family lawyer and am a member of Collaborative Practice Ottawa. My extensive experience in divorce and family law also allows me to provide you with the guidance and support you need in this process.

Please contact me for further information to determine if collaborative family law is right for you.