exploring the possibility of a negotiated settlement

It is an unfortunate reality that many families are subjected to further stress and turmoil during the breakdown of their relationship. There are issues relating to emotions and finances that can be worked through effectively with the advice and work from an experienced family lawyer. It is important that your lawyer be able to effectively identify the underlying issues that can help you move forward into the next stage of your life and ultimately obtain closure.

I recognize the stress and financial realties in the breakdown of a relationship. In my practice, I strive to resolve your divorce and family law issues as quickly and with as little financial and emotional cost as possible.

My approach is to explore the possibility of a negotiated settlement before considering divorce or family law court action. There are many avenues to negotiating a settlement of your family law issues. This negotiation can take place between the family law lawyers or in meetings between the parties with their lawyers. In some cases, a mediator can also be of great assistance in bringing the parties to a settlement. Whatever route of negotiation is chosen, you have the comfort of knowing that I will guide and protect your rights throughout the process.

However, your rights should not be sacrificed simply for expedience. In some cases, negotiation is not possible and resolution must be found in divorce or family law court. I have extensive courtroom experience having appeared regularly at the Ontario Courts since 1993. I have represented clients in divorce and family law court at every stage of their litigation. I have appeared in court on the issues of custody, access, child and spousal support, property division, divorce and variation applications for both married and common law spouses.