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Family Mediation is a process that allows you to resolve your issues outside of a courtroom with a focus on your unique goals and interests. It provides you and your spouse with the support required to reach a resolution of your family law issues that is tailor made for you and your family.

The family law mediation process has many benefits. It costs much less than court litigation. You decide how quickly you proceed through the process, so it can also take much less time. It is confidential and allows you to negotiate with your spouse in an informal but secure environment. Most importantly, family mediation gives you control over the family law and separation process to find a mutually acceptable resolution of your family law issues.

It is a good idea to meet with a lawyer before you attend family mediation so that you know your rights and obligations. Alternatively, you can attend family mediation with your spouse and your lawyers in a process referred to as counsel assisted mediation. This process usually results in the mediation itself being much shorter as you have timely legal advice which allows you to make decisions.

You can also choose to start the family mediation process without a lawyer. If you do so, it is vital that you obtain independent legal advice to have a lawyer review and advise you before you sign a binding Separation Agreement.

I can assist you as your lawyer with the family mediation process or act as the family mediator for yourself and your spouse. I offer comprehensive services as a family law mediator through ASR Ottawa Family Law Mediators. Please visit our website at for further information about my family mediation services.